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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • Is this like a regular online auction where people are bidding in real time against you?
    No, this is a sealed-bid auction. You will not see any other bids. The highest bid received from the online bids and paper bids received at the Treasurer will win that item.

  • Can I change my bid amount?
    You can increase or decrease your bid amount by submitting a new bid. That will override your initial bid for that auction item.

  • What if I no longer want the property after I submit my bid?
    You can withdraw your bid at anytime before the auction ends. Once the auction is closed, all bids are final. You cannot withdraw your bid at that time.

  • Can I mail a check for my payment?
    All online winning bids must be paid online. There is a 3% fee for credit/debit card payments and $8 fee for each ACH or eCheck payment. Checks can be submitted with paper bids to the Treasurer’s office in person or by mail.

  • Do I need to make my payment at the time of bidding?
    No. All bidders will be notified via email of the results of the auction. If you are the high bidder, you will have 10 days from the auction end date to sign your contract and submit payment in full or your bid will be rejected and we will move to the next highest bidder.

  • How/when do we know if we won the bid?
    All online bidders will be notified via email of the results of the auction, usually within 5 days of the auction end date. Make sure to check both inbox and spam/junk folders.

  • What happens if there’s an issue with the website?
    Company may, in its sole discretion decide to extend the auction end date. Auctions are typically published 3-4 weeks ahead of the end date. Please don’t wait till the last date to submit your bid.

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